The journal of this name came into existence as a reaction to the situation of spiritual need into which Europe entered despite the initial euphoria of re-unification of 1989. Chances for a spiritual enlargement and renovation have been wasted to an enormous extent, and instead of fighting for correction, it becomes clear that within the victorious socio-political system the loss of spiritual and cultural values is part of the program. The progressing victory of superficiality over deeper thought is wanted.

Anachronia wants to be an antagonist in this situation, however modest. The title of this plurilingual, irregularly appearing publication denotes our program, although maybe in an unexpected way. “Contre temps” marks the intention of thinking “gegen Zeit”, and especially against the “spirit of the time”. Here, impulse-giving texts from Western and Eastern Europe shall be published, original and constructive ideas from the most diverse areas of spiritual life can be presented to the interested reader.

Anachronia has three basic languages: French, English and German, additionally the central text contains in an alternating fashion a further different language from Eastern Europe. Furthermore, the journal remains open towards any additional opening of our lingual horizon. Europe is a continent of plurilinguality, of multiculturality, of respect for the human and the civil rights, and this richness is worth preserving.